Insect Screens

Staysafe insect screen doors and windows offer complete pest free year round protection day and night for you and your family. Door and window screens are available in hinged, sliding or retractable options.

Stylish & Robust

Our insect screens are made with top quality materials to ensure lasting flexibility, colour and durability.

Custom Made

We custom make and can supply you an insect screen to fit any size hinged or sliding door or window.

Colour Match

Framing can be colour matched to your existing joinery, blending seamlessly into the surroundings.

Aluminium Framed Insect Screens

Our attractive range of aluminium insect screens and door frames are feather light but also tough and durable. We use only top quality aluminium framing and the highest quality hardware and componentry.

This is the preferred insect screen solution in areas when wind gusts can be a problem for other screen solutions.

  • Premium quality fly and pet mesh for durability and long life.
  • Choice of either locking or non locking pull handles.
  • Matching vision rail helps prevent children from accidentally running into the screen.
  • Dulux Duralloy Powdercoat finish colour matched to your existing joinery.
  • Optional extras: pneumatic door closer.
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Magnetic Insect Screens

You will be amazed by the sheer almost transparent view through our magnetic insect screens with their strong magnetic snap shut action.

These insect screens are versatile, economical and feature Phiferglass insect mesh which is woven from permanent glass yarn coated with vinyl to ensure lasting colour and durability.

  • Premium quality insect mesh for durability and long life.
  • Clean, modern, flat fitting design.
  • Dulux Duralloy spray finish colour matched to your existing joinery.
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Retractable Insect Screens

If you are looking for a low profile unobtrusive solution, our range of Venette pleated, Cicero sheer and traditional Genius insect screens retract into a side or top frame when not being used.

Retractable screens can be configured vertically or horizontally depending on the use-case and desired product.

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  • Top quality European design.
  • Available in both door and window options.
  • Full length magnetic latching.
  • Powder coated to match your joinery.

Veneette Pleated Retractable

Venette pleated screens can be custom made for single, double, bifold and sliding doors, including multiple stacking doors with widths up to 9.3 metres.

Cicero Sheer Retractable

Cicero sheer screens are smooth and effortless to open and include integrated handles and a slow rewinding function when doors are being opened or stored away.

Genius Traditional Retractable

Genius Italian designed retractable screen doors feature a low profile aluminium bottom channel and roll up into an attractive aluminum cassette when not in use.